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  • How You Can Lend a Hand to Herps and Inverts in Crisis, by Erica Mede
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  • The Year of the Hognose, by Carl Koch
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  • The Art of Armadillo Lizards (Cordylus cataphractus): Fifteen Years of Captive Observations, by Gary Fogel
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  • Live Birth of an Armadillo Lizard, (Cordylus cataphractus), and Live Birth of a Girdle-tailed Lizard, (Cordylus warreni depressus), by Gary Fogel
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  • Observations on the Giant Sungazer Lizard, Cordylus giganteus, in Captivity, by Gary Fogel
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  • Concerning an Albino Foothill Yellow-legged Frog (Rana boylii) (Amphibia, Anura, Ranidae), from Red Cap Creek Drainage, Humboldt County, California, by Bradford R. Norman and Monty Mollier Compressed PDF, 236 KB

  • Armadillo Lizards and Sungazers: The Names Are Changed but the Lizards Remain the Same, by Gary Fogel
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